Sean Chambers – kommt leider doch nicht

Okt 2021
Liebe Fans, diese Mail erreichte mich gestern vom Booker bzgl. Sean Chambers :

Hey Ralf,

Me and Sean are very sorry to say that the tour is canceled.

Due to the uncertainty that his shows can happen in Netherlands and 
also growing covid numbers everywhere.

Also he lives in Florida and it’s bad. also European Gouvernement is 
going to talk this week about closing borders again with USA due to 
the very high numbers in USA.

Everything makes us decide not to take chances and cancel this tour 
so all clubs still have time to find replacement.

We are really sorry and Sean will be back in 2022 so we can reschedule 
his show to 2022 if you want in July or Okt 2022.

I’m really sorry for this trouble but this corona shit is killing me ....

If you want I can try to find other option for you to fill this date.

Let me know and again Sorry for this but Corona is just not helping us.

De Cock Nico (Big D)